Data Visualization with Tableau Online Training

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Tableau Training is curated by Business Intelligence Industry Experts, and it covers in-depth knowledge on Tableau Prep Builder, Tableau Desktop, and Tableau Online. Throughout this online instructor-led Tableau Certification Training, you will be working on real-life industry use cases in Retail, Entertainment, Transportation and Life Sciences domains.


Data Visualization is the process of communicating complex information with simple graphics and charts. Data Visualization has the power to tell data-driven stories while allowing people to see patterns and relationships found in data.

Did you know?

If you are looking to building a career in Business Intelligence (BI), Business Analytics, in Data Analytics, learning tableau can be the right choice. Tableau is among the most popular data visualization tools with an established record of satisfying customers in a lengthy run. Tableau is an essential software tool that allows you to analyze and visualize your data. Also, Tableau can connect with lots of different tools, platforms like Hadoop, R, and so forth. Tableau is such a highly useful tool; it can be utilized in any industry since the ideal part is that Tableau can work with any information. Learn Data Visualization using Tableau from basic to advanced. Tableau Software is the most popular Business Intelligence(BI) tool for Data Visualization, to create Interactive Graphics & charts, Report Dashboard to gain Insights with a simple drag & drop.

Why learn and get certified in Python?

The Business Intelligence market is growing significantly across the world and such strong growth pattern followed by market demand is a great opportunity for the following IT Professionals.
2.Business Analysts
3.Data Analysts
4.Project Managers 5.Data Scientists 6.Statisticians and Analysts 7.Business Intelligence Managers

Course Objective

After the completion of this course, Trainee will:
Tableau is emerging as one of the hottest trends in the Business Intelligence market. The Data Visualization tool has been gaining popularity in various companies and hence, the demand for Tableau experts in on the surge. We at Edureka offer the best Tableau training with 12K+ satisfied learners.


There are no pre-requisites as such for this course. However, prior knowledge of R language and basic concepts related to Data analytics and SQL will be helpful. To refresh your skills, you will get the following self-paced modules as pre-requisites in your LMS.

How will I perform the practical sessions in Online training?

For online training, US Global IT provides the virtual environment that helps in accessing each other’s system. The detailed pdf files, reference material, course code are provided to the trainee. Online sessions can be conducted through any of the available requirements like Skype, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Webinar, etc.

Data Visualization with Tableau Syllabus

Data Visualization with Tableau
Module 1 : Introduction to Data Visualization

    1. Benefits of data visualizatione
    2. How to make sense out of numbers

Module 2: Data visualization and Tableau

    1. List: Creating, Accessing, Slicing, Manipulating lists, Built-in Functions & Methods in list, Iterating & Enumerating list data and Working with Nested lists.
    2. Tuple, Set and Dictionaries (same above all operations)
    3. Handling conversions of sample data with Data Structures

Part C: Regular Expressions in Data visualization and Tableau

    1. Uses of Tableauli>
    2. Installation
    3. Architecture
    4. Features of Tableau

Module 3: Basic Visualization Design

    1. Connecting Sheets
    2. Loading into Tableau visualization engine
    3. Text Tables
    4. Bar
    5. Line
    6. Pie charts
    7. Basic maps

Module 4: Advanced Visualization

    1. Highlight Tables
    2. Heat Maps
    3. Circle Plots
    4. Side by Side Bars
    5. Continues Lines
    6. Scatter Plots
    7. Dual Charts
    8. Area Charts
    9. Tree Maps

Module 5: Data Organization and Scripting

    1. Calculated Metrics
    2. Sorting
    3. Filtering
    4. Totals and Sub Totals
    5. Various Aggregated Measures
    6. Percentages
    7. Data Spotlighting
    8. Summary Card
    9. Date and time functions
    10. String Functions and logical functions
    11. Data Items
    12. Data behind your views
    13. Hierarchies
    14. Sets
    15. Groups
    16. Bins

Module 6: Visualization and Analytics

    1. Dual Charts
    2. Dual Axis
    3. Combination charts
    4. Gantt Charts for activity tracking
    5. Motion Charts
    6. Box and Whisker Plots
    7. Reference Lines
    8. Reference Bands
    9. Pareto Analysis
    10. Water Fall Charts
    11. Market Basket Analysis

Module 7: Time based Calculations

    1. Quick Table Calculations
    2. Custom Table Calculations
    3. YTD
    4. Parallel Period
    5. Moving Averages
    6. Running totals
    7. Window Averages
    8. Trend Lines and Predictive Models

Module 8: Location analytics

    1. Filled Maps
    2. Symbol Maps
    3. Geo Coding
    4. Online Maps
    5. Sorting in Maps
    6. Background Maps

Module 9: Incremental Loading and Blending

    1. Data Blending from multiple source systems
    2. Custom SQL Queries
    3. Creating Incremental Loads
    4. Creating File Extractions
    5. Parameters

Module 10: Integrating Tableau with R and Hadoop

    1. Connect to Hadoop Systems from Tableau
    2. Integrating Tableau with R
    3. Connecting to R Serve Parameterized R calls
    4. Mean, Median, Mode
    5. Standard Deviation
    6. Forecasting Models
    7. Adding YouTube videos

Prepare for Certification

Our training and certification program gives you a solid understanding of the key topics covered on the Oreilly’s Data Visualization with Tableau Certification. In addition to boosting your income potential, getting certified in Data Visualization with Tableau demonstrates your knowledge of the skills necessary to be a successful Data Visualization with Tableau Developer. The certification validates your ability to produce reliable, high-quality results with increased efficiency and consistency.