PL SQL Online Training

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Oracle 10g PL/SQL students will able to write stored procedures, functions, packages and triggers and implement complex business rules in Oracle. Students will also learn programming concepts, management and security issues of working with PL/SQL program units. Programming topics will include the creation of triggers and stored procedure features.


PL/SQL (Procedural Language/Structured Query Language) is a database oriented programming language that extends Oracle SQL with procedural capabilities. This language offers far more execution potential than simple updates, selects, inserts, and deletes. It also offers a procedural extension that allows for modularity, declaration of variables, loops and other logic constructs and error handling.


Students must have sound Technical Knowledge and Logical Skills.

How will I perform the practical sessions in Online training?

For online training, US Global IT provides a virtual environment that helps in accessing each other’s system. The complete course material in pdf format, reference materials, course code is provided to trainees. US Global IT conductes online sessions through any of the available requirements like Skype, WebEx, GOTOMeeting, Webinar, etc.

PL SQL Course Syllabus

  1. PL_SQL Overview  
  2. PL_SQL Environment Setup 
  3. Connecting to PL/SQL environment
  4. PL_SQL Basic Syntax  
  5. Structure of pl-sql program
  6. PL_SQL Data Types 
  7. PL_SQL Variables
  8. PL_SQL Constants and Literals. 
  9. PL_SQL Operators 
  10. PL_SQL Conditions 
  11. PL_SQL Loops 
  12. PL_SQL Strings   
  13. PL_SQL Procedures  
  14. PL_SQL Functions  
  15. PL_SQL Cursors 
  16. PL_SQL Exceptions 
  17. PL_SQL Triggers 
  18. PL_SQL Packages


Certification assistance provided with proper guidance and certification notes.