SAP SD Online Training

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SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) is the largest oldest functional Module in SAP and which handles all the processes from an Order to delivery. The main operations of this module is handles the Customer Sales Orders processing, pricing, picking, packing, shipping, billing and risk management and many more


SAP SD is the System Administration aspect of the SAP system with functions that have a cross-system impact. To a newbie, SD may be misconstrued to be the intro to a course in SAP but that is totally incorrect. SD is actually the bedrock of SAP i.e. the technical layer of the SAP system without which the SAP system will not be available for use. SD is a group of middleware programs and tools that enable applications to be interoperable and portable across operating systems and database products. It also comprises of a client/server architecture and configuration, a relational database management system (RDMS), and OS administration.


Students must be familiar with the concepts in SAP and Database.

Course Objectives

SAP SD module which is aimed to manage the customer based activities and it includes the pricing, processing Sales Orders, Picking, Packing, billing, Shipping and Credit Management. It is designed to provide a complete overview of the process of sales and distribution. It is the integral part of the logistics module which is used in customer and sales related activities in a company

Prepare for Certification!

Our training and certification program gives you a solid understanding of the key topics covered by Foundation and Advanced Level Certification exams. This is aimed at students who have recently completed, and experienced professionals to enhance their practical knowledge in SAP SD modules. In addition to boosting your income potential, getting certified, demonstrates your knowledge and the skills, understanding of the fundamentals of SAP SD along with processes, tools, techniques, and management methodology. The certification validates your ability to produce reliable, high-quality results with increased efficiency and consistency.

How will I perform the practical sessions in Online training?

For online training, US Global IT provides a virtual environment that helps in accessing each other’s system. The complete course material in pdf format, reference materials, course code is provided to trainees. US Global IT conductes online sessions through any of the available requirements like Skype, WebEx, GOTOMeeting, Webinar, etc.

SAP Sales & Distribution Course Syllabus

Section i: Define enterprise structure

  • Sap methodology
  • Definition of document
  • Document types in sales and distribution
  • Enterprise structure in sales
  • Definition and assign organizational elements.

Section ii: Creating mater data

  • Material master record
  • Customer master record
  • Customer material info records
  • Partner functions
  • Defining account groups for partner functions
  • Creating no ranges and assignment

Section iii: Documents

  • Document structure and tables – sales, deliveries, and billing
  • Document types and function – sales, deliveries and billing
  • Document control – document type, item category control and determination schedule line category control and determination
  • Copy control – requirements data transfer routines, document flow and pricing type

Section iv: Basic settings (condition technique)

  • Pricing determination
  • Material determination
  • Listing / exclusion
  • Revenue account determination
  • Tax determination
  • Output determination
  • Free goods determination

Section v: Basic settings (others)

  • Incompletion procedure
  • Route determination
  • Shipping point determination
  • Delivery scheduling and transportation scheduling
  • Blocking reasons
  • Availability check
  • Transfer of requirements

Section vi: Documents processing

  • Outline agreements – contracts and scheduling agreements
  • Pre – sales processing – inquiry and quotation
  • Order processing – standard order
  • Returns order, returns delivery
  • Consignment
  • Contracts
  • Customer complaints – credit memo request, debit memo request, invoice correction request
  • Delivery processing – picking (transfer order), packing, posting goods issue
  • Billing processing – methods, plans, invoice, proforma invoice
  • Document grouping and splitting criteria

Section vii: Advanced topics

  • Inter company business processing
  • Third party order processing
  • Cross company stock transfers
  • Bill of material
  • Individual purchase order
  • Rebate processing


Certification assistance provided with proper guidance and certification notes.